Portrait photographer from Montevideo, Uruguay. Exploring everyday life, intimacy & vulnerability through nude art photography.

This profile is a tribute to the power, magic and beauty of the human form. While most of the portraits are evidently posed, I always try to create natural, simple and honest images, where models are portrayed in a casual and spontaneous manner. Almost no professional models, almost no production, nor make up, or studios. Basic edition. Also, almost all photos were taken using natural light.

If you consider this is “porn” or you have a repressive approach towards nudity, you will probably not be able to see this artistically and aesthetically; therefore this might not be the place for you. If, on the contrary, you can enjoy this work respectfully, you are very welcome here.

All models were 18 years old or above when posing for these pictures. Also, all of them agreed for these pictures to be exhibited. If any of the models included here do not want their pictures (or some of the pictures) to be exhibited anymore, please contact me and ask for it.

So, welcome, enjoy the work and have a nice day.